The Alhambra and the Generalife


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The Alhambra in Granada: A place of beauty, dreams and inspiration, once the magnificent court of the last Sultans of Al-Andalus. Nowhere brings us as close to the unparalleled culture of the Moors – but also to their decline through conquests, murder and betrayal. Three films relate the fascinating story behind the UNESCO world heritage site. 

From Sultan’s Palace to Legend: The History of the Alhambra 

On the outside fortified walls – on the inside fairytale palaces where poets once held the highest public office: The Alhambra recounts the story of the last Moorish dynasty, of an illustrious lifestyle under permanent threat. Who built these palaces? How did they fall into the hands of the Catholic Kings? And centuries later, how was the Alhambra again saved by poets? 

Beauty and Refinement: Behind the Walls of the Alhambra 

A closer look at the beauty of the Alhambra: Unforgettable images show just how ingeniously architects blended function and aesthetics. What are the poems on the walls all about? How were the rooms air-conditioned? And how do the gardens manage to recreate paradise on Earth? 

The Nasrid Legacy: The Alhambra Today 

The Alhambra became the stuff of romantic legend in the 19th century – but what does it represent today? This film shows how perception of the buildings has changed, watches restorers at work and reveals just how vibrant the legacy of Al-Andalus is today.




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